Welcome on the web pages of kennel DAMA Krkonoše, which is specialized in breeding of gordon setters, english setters and the Braque d´Auvergne. We would like to inform you here about our breeding activities, to let you know about our puppies and to share with you our joy from our photographic catches.

These web pages we will updated step by step and continuously will be added all information. So please excuse us, if some information or links are missing.

The name of our kennel is nearly new. „DAMA Krkonoše“ arose after Czech-Moravian hunting Union becomes a member of FCI. Original kennel name „Z kocouřího dvora“ somebody registered before us, so two gordon setter´s litters from our breeding were rear under kennel „Z Kunštátských lesů“ (litters beginning O and S). So that „Sharon Z Kunštátských lesů“ and „Sam Z Kunštátských lesů“ belongs to our offsprings.

For our puppies we offer complete service. To their owners we offer training as well as presentation at all types of hunting exams. We offer our help to the owners of other hunting dogs too. To take care of dogs and to train them helps me my daughter Darina, which has indispensable part on our breeding and training activities.

Květuše Kocúrová
Kennel owner